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Upper Florida Keys has a history of reinventing itself. Practically annihilated by the 1935 Labor Day hurricane (still considered the strongest to reach landfall in the United States), this “Village of Islands” became known for quality sport fishing, attracting professional and amateur anglers from around the world.

On the artistic front, Islamorada was a sleeper of an area for years because serious art lovers often headed toward the galleries at Key West. But recently, a spate of galleries and working studios set up by islanders and transplants has highlighted a growing community of artists whose voice is defined predominantly by local marine life.

Soon, artists began setting up storefronts in the area. The acrylics painter BJ Royster opened her eponymous gallery a year and a half ago opposite the arts district, where she sells nautical-style jewelry and large photorealism paintings focusing on the area’s coral reefs, dolphins and aquatic life like the queen angelfish and trunkfish.

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This Original Acrylic 8ft by 4ft painting was created by
BJ Royster  after diving the Florida Keys titled " Parrot Jungle" 


Florida Keys News - Painting Peace

 Marine Life Artist BJ Royster  


Unveiling of BJ Royster's art work Video

John Pennekamp Gazebo