For Over 21 Years I have painted many Commissions for clients who today I call friends. Tell me your story and choose the size, colors and life within the image. A painting should take you on a journey either from the past or towards the further.   

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 "Blessings" 36x48 

Acrylic painting of the Florida reef with lobster, grouper by BJ Royster

 "Triptych In Blues"   

Three panels 24 x 48 each  make a beautiful scene in  
blues with peach accents to match the décor of their living room.


 "Three Ladies" 

I enjoyed meeting these three ladies in my gallery, this helped me
create this very special painting. 


 "St Andrew's Cathedral"  

This painting was a wedding gift.
The Cathedral was a young couples first sight
they saw when they left a coffee shop
after first meeting. Three years later they
where married in this Church.

 "Yellow Tails"  

The Yellow Tail painting was created from the clients photo.
After fishing for yellow-tail snappers off the Florida Keys. 


 " Lobster Crawl"                                                                              

Inspired to have a painting created to remember the great times with family and friends  diving  Mini Lobster season. The Nurse sharks would come in and try to take their catch. 36 x 14 Acrylic

" Page Creek"

The owner of this beautiful marina wanted a painted to cherish for years to come.
They also used the image for adverting. 

 "Fish Tank"

After diving Alligator ledge a gentlemen  came into my
gallery in Islamorada. He commissioned me to recreate
his time here. I told him I had just made the dive and showed
him the photos I took. Working with him we just kept
adding more life to this 52 x 32 acrylic painting.


 "Butterfly Garden"

This 48x24 Painting was the second commission I created for this lovely couple. They fell in love with two of my painting I had in print, being collectors of original work we combined the two images.